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Choosing a shop floor, don't select cheap shop flooring with a short lifespan.

Shop flooring plays a very important role select a specialist flooring company for best results.

In today's image-conscious world, shops are judged not only by their products but also by their appearance. In fact, in many cases where a market is crowded with many retail units offering similar products, the shop's image may be the only thing that gives it the competitive edge. Thus great importance is placed on a shop's design and interior decor and flooring, as these ultimately affect the ambience and overall impression of the store and the brand.

The Works Bookstore

As one of the largest components of an interior decor scheme, the shop flooring plays a very important role. While it may be considered as simply 'background' for more bold features, it actually covers one of the largest surface areas and therefore has a subtle but all-encompassing effect on the overall look and feel of the place. A shop which has been expensively decorated in vintage furniture and fabrics may be cheapened by a vinyl or rubber floor and should ideally have something like solid hardwood or a laminate wood-look-alike to complete the effect. Similarly, a store which is trying to present a funky, modern, edgy ambience would benefit more from the industrial chic of rubber than the domestic cosiness of carpet. Our specialist team of shop floor fitters at All Floors Northeast Ltd can help with any surface, not only must the flooring look good it must blend with the rest of the interior decor and help promote the image the store is trying to present, but the flooring can have a direct effect on sales as well..! When it comes to shop floors call us last for the professional consultation and the perfect shop floor.


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