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Education Flooring
All floors also provide services to the education sector.

Below is a project we completed for Hurworth Primary School using Heckmondwike carpet.


Switching from vinyl flooring to Heckmondwike carpeting has helped reduce costs and deliver a thoroughly proven flooring solution for a new school construction project in Darlington. Plans to use the vinyl for the main entrance area of Hurworth Primary School were dropped when Heckmondwike’s rugged contract carpet was identified as an equally practical but more cost-effective alternative.

The Heckmondwike carpet was specified for the project by architects URS of Middlesbrough. “The original plan was to create a series of custom flooring designs for the reception area and corridors, using vinyl,” comments Heckmondwike’s John Barraclough. “However it was pointed out that our fibre bonded carpets and carpet tiles would offer a more cost-effective option than the vinyl. Their performance has been proven on hundreds of similar education projects and this meant that they could be specified in complete confidence.”

A combination of Heckmondwike’s Broadrib carpet and carpet tiles were used, with the three chosen colours, Teal Blue, Lavender and Slate, being alternated to create striking designs which add an extra dimension to the new premises. Heckmondwike’s specialist entrance carpet, Dreadnought, was also used to provide a heavier duty floorcovering for the school’s main entrance area. “We are immensely proud of our new school and the carpet has made a significant contribution to our ambient surroundings,” says the school’s Business Manager, Heather Ferguson.

“We have used Heckmondwike carpets many times before, so we knew that they were ideal for this particular project,” adds Ian Stephenson, from flooring contractor All Floors (North East) of Chester-le-Street. “We cut the carpets to shape on site to create the required designs. The fibre bonded construction of the carpet meant that we could make cuts without it fraying, and once we had planned the carpet out onto the floor it was really a very straightforward process.”

Now with 7 new colours, Heckmondwike’s Broadrib carpet has be used extensively in education sector projects, as well as a wide range of commercial and public building applications. It features a rugged fibre bonded construction with a distinctive wide rib which give it a well defined surface texture. This British-made, cost competitive carpet provides antistatic and anti-slip characteristics, excellent acoustic performance and impressive thermal insulation properties.

The Heckmondwike Dreadnought carpet used in the entrance area is designed specifically for areas subject to heavy wear and tear. The attractive diagonal, ribbed surface structure can be used to create eye-catching designs, which makes Dreadnought a popular carpet for applications where a commercial flooring solution is expected to deliver outstanding performance.

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Specifying Heckmondwike carpeting has helped reduce costs  and
deliver a thoroughly proven and distinctive flooring solution
for the new Hurworth Primary School in Darlington


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